Country Concert Season: Your Guide to Dressing Up

BlakeShelton-ac-600Country concert season is almost here. Whether you are excited to purchase Blake Shelton concert tickets 2015, or just eager for some Keith Urban or Taylor Swift in the upcoming months, it’s never too early to plan what you are going to wear on their concerts. Looking good and presenting yourself better is a very good gesture to salute their craft.

Those who want to adopt a more Southern vibe are sometimes clueless on how to dress the part. So we are here to guide you on what to wear without looking like a country music fan poser. Here are some rules you should follow to not look out of place:

The first rule in the book is that “You Can Never Get Wrong with Denim”. It’s always a safe bet and the only thing that will dictate you of the length is the weather. If you’re certain it’s going to be chilly, put on a pair of jeans. Otherwise, wear your trusty denim shorts instead, and be extra careful about wearing a miniskirt.

For your blouse, pick something plaid. Since it is summer, pick something in cotton and wear it open in the front with a white or solid colored tank showing. Roll up your sleeves to your elbows making sure that it’s not too crisp and neat-looking for that All-American feel. For those who don’t particularly like to wear plaid, pairing your denim pants or shorts with lace tops could also be an alternative.

Another rule is that you should rock some boots. Cowboy boots are the go-to shoes of those who want to rock that country chic look.  For those who do not wish to splurge, any brown boots would actually do. Hiking boots, riding boots or Frye boots would work just fine as long as they are brown and not black.

It also does not hurt to accessorize. Wear a cowboy hat to keep everything authentic. On the plus side, it makes anyone cooler. It’s impossible to greet everyone but attending a concert with your hat just says “Howdy y’all” to everyone.

Lastly, the more important thing is to not wear something with the artist’s name on it. It’s already given that you are a fan for attending the concert so stop with the redundancy. Also, it doesn’t make you cool.

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Country Music Then and Now – The Changes

country musicI just love how things were before, when things are simpler and seems much more fun and easy-as-you-please. The lifestyle is quite laid-back then, especially in the countryside, where one of the most awaited events was a local gathering for some square dancing in a bar or barn and local bands playing some foot-stampin’ country music. From that time, country music has grown and changed. I am not an authority but I do love different music genres. Let’s discuss some of the differences between country music in its early days and now.

Country music has come a long way. It has become mainstream, with a more pop-oriented feel. The music is upbeat, more people are listening to it and its acceptance and listenership is growing fast and steady. It has evolved into a new sound.

For a time, tuning in to a country music station will bring you the familiar voices of Jerry Reed, Hank Williams, Conway Twitty and Patsy Cline, whose songs have the traditional two-step beat. Today, what country music stations play have more beat, more vocals and use a variety of instruments.

During their time, these country singers all aim to be at the top of the Billboard Country Music chart. Today most country singers can be at the Country Music chart and also be in the other Billboard charts. Crossing genres is now the “in” thing. Patsy Cline was a huge country music star, but her success did not come close to the popularity of Taylor Swift. Loretta Lynn was another big country music legend, yet she had not achieved what Carrie Underwood has reached in her still very young career.

These two former college friends, one from Florida and one from Georgia, hence the name of the band, Florida Georgia Line, bring back old memories, when country music was sang mainly with guitars as accompaniment. The approach is modern yet the traditional beat is there. You can just imagine seeing people in an old fashioned club, more like a barn really, doing the square dance and having the time of their lives.

Do not miss out on watching these two fabulous singers – Brian Kelly and Tyler Hubbard, whose brand of country music take you back to the good ol’ days. Check out the Check out the Florida Georgia Line concert dates Canada and book your concert tickets right away.

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How to Prevent Hair Loss

woman-suffering-from-hair-lossThere are many causes of hair loss. Among these are nutritional deficiency, stress, poor diet, certain medications, pollution and genetics. Frequent wearing of bandanas, caps and ponytails also contribute to thinning of hair. A lot of men and women suffer from hair loss especially as they grow old. Fortunately, employing various methods can help prevent this problem.

  • Get a haircut from a reliable hair cutter. Most women treasure their long locks but the hair loses its body when it is too long. Also, when a woman has long hair, she tends to tie it up often with the use of garter, which, when removed, can pull strands off from the scalp.
  • Get enough sleep, eat well-balanced meals, and avoid stress. When the body is stressed and lacks nutrition, the hair also suffers.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb or soft hairbrush. Comb or brush your hair gently and do not force the bristles into tangled hair, as this will pull out a lot of strands.
  • Check your hair products. Try shampoo brands with aloe vera and other natural ingredients that are proven to be effective for hair growth.
  • Avoid excessive use of spray net, gel and other products with chemical base.
  • Let your hair dry naturally. Whenever you can, just let it air dry. Frequent use of hair dryer will loosen the hair follicles, causing hair fall.
  • Get hot oil treatment regularly. This procedure helps increase blood circulation on the scalp and treats damaged hair.

Stressful lifestyle

The hair is a woman’s crowning glory. It frames and cradles the face, making her look achieve a look that is uniquely her own. However with the stressful lifestyle these days, most women fail to take good care of their hair. They must take a break from their hectic daily schedule so they can rest their body systems. A trip somewhere can help promote total relaxation. Flying out of the state this summer to see Daniel Tosh June tour 2015 will help a lot in releasing stress. This may all sound irrelevant but when you have had too many bad hair days, you will realize the connection between stress and hair loss.

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The Sunday Click List

Here we are again for an edition of the Sunday Click List. In this edition, I would focus on websites that kept me preoccupied during the week. We all know that there is a point when the World Wide Web bores us to the core. Keeping a mental note of interesting sites would be our biggest weapon. So, in a completely random order, here they are:

The first site on this list is Oddee. For a list-lover like me, this site is just perfect. You won’t notice the time passing as you read on outrageous compilations of weird acts, funny things found in the internet, and many more unexpected things you aren’t so sure how people can come up with them.

Some sample articles from the site include the likes of “12 Coolest Google Street Finds”, “8 Creepy Spy Radio Transmissions”, and “10 Controversial Stories of Transgender Kids”. If you think those are weird enough, head on to the site to get some idea on how odd the world really is.

While the first one on this list has some sort of a shock factor in it, the second one mirrors how much of a fan girl I am. MusoTickets’ site has got me browsing to know more about the new Justin Moore album and his tour dates. The site provides a comprehensive info on my favorite singer and lets me know when he’s around town.

Another site on my click list is Mental Floss. This site is pretty informative and is a place “where knowledge junkies get their fix”.  They present facts and trivia in a humorous way like these headlines for example: “10 facts about the ten”, “Using Your Headphones as a Mic”, and “Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?” They site is subdivided to amazing facts, knowledge feed, lists, big questions and even quizzes to surely whet your appetite to learn.

The last site on my list is 1000 Awesome Things. This is a site that encourages people to embrace the simple things in life because they can really make us happy like nothing else can. Some samples include the very obvious “popping of bubble wrap”, “morning stretches accompanied by weird noises”, and “laughing so hard you start crying”. If those things made you smile, you definitely need to get on the site.


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The Katy Perry Unique Fashion and Style

katy-perryWith her latest album, “Prism” hitting the #1 slot on the Billboards as soon as it was released, Katy Perry is ready to hit the roads with her “Prismatic World Tour” this 2014. The North American leg of her world tour will have a concert at Pittsburg. katy perry tickets Pittsburgh for the July 22, 2014 concert are now available.

Katy Perry started her music career as Katheryn Hudson, singing opera and gospel songs. Today, the pop superstar has been churning one hit single after another, the latest of which are “Roar” and “Unconditionally,” and an equally chart topping album, “Prism”.

Pop superstar Katy Perry has a unique sense of fashion and style. She best exemplifies these with her clothes, hairstyle, make-up and accessories. A lot of young girls have gotten to sporting her signature curls hairstyle. YouTube is overflowing with videos on how to create a Katy Perry hairstyle or make-up.

Katy Perry’s signature outfits have also been countlessly followed and admired. One of her signature looks is a high-waist skirt or shorts paired topped with a crop top.  She especially adores crop tops with sweetheart necklines. Katy Perry is not afraid of bold and loud colors and is experimental enough to try them out in different combinations. A signature Katy Perry look could be a polka dot swimsuit paired with denim cut-offs and teal jelly sandals. She adds more color to her look by wearing bold-colored bangles and a glittery flower clip in her hair.

Katy Perry also loves all things that are vintage-inspired, eccentric and cute. She also likes to finish her statement-making style with studs, glitters, feathers and black accents.  Punk-rock accessories and pink lipstick are top of the list Katy Perry signatures.

The signature Katy Perry look is also evident with her creative costumes. Everybody has seen how Katy Perry looked in her dice and playing card inspired costume. Her stage wardrobe combines fun and fashion, and she wears them all, unmindful of any criticisms she gets.  A Katy Perry on-stage fashion style often includes vintage-inspired accessories, Ray-Ban sunglasses and glitter heels.

Katy Perry’s music and fashion style have created a huge impact on her fans. Actually, everything about Katy Perry creates a huge impact, thus when the katy perry pregnant rumor begun circulating, it was dubbed as a scandalous gossip.

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Decorating Your Apartment in Modern Style

Modern-Apartments-1Modern living is usually associated with modern home style. Whether your dwelling is in the city, suburbs or country, you can always inject modern touches to your house. The truth is, even if your house has traditional accents, you can still decorate it with contemporary shapes and lines to attain a blend of new and old themes.

Need for confidence

Many homeowners prefer to just stick to traditional and old-fashioned interior design for their homes because they do not want to experiment. They lack confidence and are afraid to risk on experimental schemes. However this can be overcome by reading feature articles on modern home accents. You can search for tips and advice from home and lifestyle sites. Start looking for websites that deal on house fixtures such as unfinished furniture nj and you will find yourself browsing a very useful and informative homepage.

Personal touch

To achieve a truly personalized look around your house, make sure to put in a lot of personal touch on every furnishing and ornament. Try to pick and shop the items on your own as well as come up with a personal design for your space. You may seek the assistance of a professional interior designer if your budget allows but nonetheless, tell the designer what you want to do with every nook of your residence. Discuss with him the concept that you have in mind and he will do the execution.

Bold designs

Do not be afraid to use bold designs. Splash your apartment with daring colors that are unusually used in traditional homes. Geometrical shapes can give a living room an ultramodern appearance as well as lines and efficient lighting effects. Furnish your dwelling with unique furniture. How about going for transparent chairs for your dining table? You might as well purchase sofas and couches in contrasting colors for a powerful accent.

It takes time

It takes time to achieve the ideal look for your home. You might even take years to buy complete furnishings especially when you want to follow a particular motif. If you are fond of traveling, you will find a lot of wonderful decorative items from souvenir markets.

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