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Tosh.O Production Assistant Killed in L.A.

toshDaniel Tosh, host of ‘Tosh.O’ at Comedy Central TV, took time to recognize John Winkler. Extending sympathy via tweet, Daniel mentioned that he was able to work with the budding TV producer, though only for a short time.

Winkler was accidentally killed by L.A. deputies who mistook him for a man holding people hostage at a West Hollywood apartment. He died from a single bullet wound to the chest. At the time of the incident, Winkler bolted out of the apartment just behind a hostage who was fleeing. Perceiving him to be the assailant lunging after the fleeing hostage, 3 L.A. deputies opened fire.

Winkler lived in the same complex and was friend to those held hostage. Hearing screams, he rushed to the apartment room in hopes of helping rescue them.

Thirty year old Winkler just arrived in L.A. six months ago from Washington in hopes of making it in the entertainment industry. He was recently hired by Comedy Central for a ‘production assistant’ position at “Tosh.O”

Work and touring still continues for the production team, though sadly, new hiring will need to take place. Inquiries regarding daniel tosh tickets will be accommodated here.

Justin Moore announces Crown Royal’s Hero

Justin-MooreJustin Moore has been involved with the “Your Hero’s Name Here” program of Crown Royal for the past three years now. Crown Royal, Canada’s famous whisky brand holds office in California and is known for it’s more than fifty different whisky products.  The company’s “Your Hero’s Name Here” program honors a deserving American hero per year by naming the race in honor of the recipient. This year, Green Beret John Wayne Walding was named. “Crown Royals Presents the John Wayne Walding 400 at the Brickyard is on Sunday, July 27, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

John Wayne Walding has 12 years of army veteran service. He has joined tours in the Middle East.  A firefight in 2008 cost him his lower leg. After recovery, he pursued and completed training at the Special Forces Sniper School. He has also completed the Army 20 miler on foot. He also joined the 2009 Boston Marathon using a hand cycle.

Justin gave the announcement during the CMT Music Awards last June 4 and a custom-made Gibson guitar bearing the official race logo with Walding’s name on it was presented to John.

Justin Moore was also in South Valley last Saturday, headlining JugFest, a free music festival. Artists who joined him were John King, Colin Raye, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Frankie Ballard. For other shows and justin moore tickets, click here.