Just Do the Job and Get Over It: A Message of Acceptance and Tolerance

Even before marriage equality has become the law of the land in the United States, conservative people, especially business owners, have tried really hard to make marriage difficult for gay people. They have done everything possible to make their lives miserable, as if they have not faced enough in life.

We have read stories of lesbian couples turned down baking services because they are deemed immoral by the owners. Others were refused to rent the venue for wedding reception. There were even others who were given dirty looks just by entering a shop to buy items together as a couple. Now that Trump has become president elect, these people will most likely become emboldened to discriminate more. In fact, there are talks about overturning gay marriage by appointing more conservative judges on the Supreme Court bench.

A change in mentality

If you are one of these people who just can’t accept that gay relationships do exist, then perhaps it is time to change your mind. You are already in this modern era and whether you like it or not, these relationships exist. The only thing left for you to do is to change the way you think and be more tolerant. It won’t kill you to bake a cake for gay couples who are just celebrating their love for each other. It will also not end your business just because you have made wedding dresses for two women who are marrying each other. It will also not make you a sinful Christian just because you have allowed gay men to rent your wedding venue.

Separate yourself from your business

Your business must run without necessarily putting politics and personal biases in it. Take note that you have decided to open up a business. It means that you must be willing to accommodate people who are interested in getting the services you offer. Otherwise, you can just shut the business down and be an activist fighting against marriage equality.

Just keep working

Instead of making it difficult for gay people to get married, the least that you can do is to get the job done and move on. It is their choice to get married and they simply hired your services. You must not get in the way of their happiness. Just treat it like how you treat all other clients you have.

For instance, if you are a plumber, you don’t judge your clients and turn them down because you have heard that the husband has cheated on her wife. You also don’t turn down your friend who asked for help in fixing their drainage at home just because she has missed church last Sunday. If we are to put our personal judgment on everything, then who else is left to avail of the services you offer?

Whether you are a beaker in Australia, an plumber Salisbury East or a marriage license clerk in Kentucky, you just need to do your job and move on. You don’t have to agree with people getting your services. You only need to get things done.