How to Get Good Seats When Buying Concert Tickets Online

You’ve been waiting for your favorite band to come to a venue near you so you can watch their show. That day has finally arrived. You received advanced notice from your trusted source. Now you need to secure the best seat in the house. You do not relish the long line outside the ticket outlet so you want to buy your ticket online. Here are tips on how you can get the best seat to fully enjoy the concert.

Online pre-selling

If the concert venue has a capacity to hold a few thousand concertgoers, it is usual for the promoter to hold presales online, which give people a chance to buy their tickets early. Normally the public sales starts on Saturday at 10 am, so the schedule for online pre-selling is usually done on Wednesday or Thursday until Friday. Stay tuned to the announcement and buy your ticket the instant the presale starts.

Getting the pre-sale passwords

It is almost standard that online presales need a password. Know that there are entities involved in the show that could give you the password. Check out the radio station that is sponsoring the event, the band’s official website, and other concert sponsor sites such as a credit card company. Try visiting the forum or message boards created by fans and see what information they have. These are better alternative sites to visit than the official band website as more information is available. You can also try using the concert name, the band’s current album or current hit single as the password. It usually works.

Try the public on-sale

If you miss out on the pre-sale, be early for the public on-sale. Get online about 10 to 15 minutes early, create an account so you can already provide the required information. There is usually a venue floor plan. Study it well and check out which section is the best for you. It is better to buy your ticket online to avoid the crowd.

Get the best seat in the house when you want to catch one of Bruno Mars concerts. Follow the tips above and prepare yourself for a great time.

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