How to Capture the Best Photos During A Rock Concert

10101-1t0viorncyWhen attending a concert, you definitely want to take lots of photos to mark the memories you have had during the event. When you are watching a rock band concert like Imagine Dragons, you definitely don’t want to miss anything. If you can just take a photo of every moment, you will. However, the problem with rock artists is that they tend to move a lot. If you have tried watching a rock concert before and you have taken lots of photos that are “useless” since you can’t see anything, then you know how painful it is. Thus, for the next concert, you definitely want to get it right. Here are some tips to capture the best photos on the next rock concert:

  • Try to analyze the performers and their movements. You can also watch their facial expressions, idiosyncrasies, and gestures. If you can watch their previous performances at home, you need to scan them over and over again. By then, you will know when they stop or what their best actions are. Thus, you can easily capture them during the actual concert. If they have crazy actions that you don’t want to miss out, you also need to know when they will possibly do it. By then, you will have the best timing.
  • Try to anticipate big moments. Obviously, there are rock bands that have signature moves. Some of them love breaking guitars. Others love going to the audience. There are also those who have crazy dance moves. If you know what will possibly happen, then you can have your camera ready by the time they are about to do those moves.
  • Don’t forget to be nice. No matter how desperate you are to get the best shots, don’t forget to observe politeness and courtesy to the person behind you or in front of you. You can also say excuse when you need to take a shot and they are obstructing the view.

If you know how to get the best picture for the concert, the next thing to do is to check out the Imagine Dragons tour dates 2015.

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