Fashion For My Dog

DOGS fashion show - modelsMy pooch Pippa is a cute little Chihuahua, a birthday gift from my dad last year. As soon as she was old enough, I began dressing her up when we go out, which is every day for her walk and on special occasions, to a party or a dog show. Choosing which dresses and tees I buy for her takes up as much time as when I’m buying for myself. And does she know it! I catch Pippa preening in the mirror when she’s garbed in stylish dresses and shoes, like the apricot tutu harness dress and the fur lined ecru dog boots. For this vain pup, a treat is not a savory dog bone biscuit but a new pair of shoes or a body hugging tee.

When Pippa came, I brushed up on dog grooming and feeding since she was the first dog that was really mine, and I kind of thought of her as my baby. I came upon Play Safe Dogs and it was a huge help especially since I thought that Pippa could eat anything that I liked too. Chocolates, guacamole and ice cream and a sip of cappuccino are definite no-no’s for dogs.

Pippa has quite a collection of tees, dresses, sweaters and coats for chilly weather, and footwear, ID tags and collars to match. For our daily walk, I dress her up in colorful or printed t-shirts and dog paws to protect her feet. When the weather’s cold, she has to put on a sweater and booties for warmth. Pippa always has ID tags on; I can’t risk her wandering away and getting lost. Sometimes, depending on my mood, I match her garb with what I’m wearing. For parties and occasions that require dressing up, she has flouncy dresses and even some high heeled shoes, although I carry her because high heels are as bad for dogs as they are for humans.

And before you think I only care about my pet pooch’s appearance, I take care of her health too. Her diet consists of the right amount of carbs, protein, vitamins and supplements that is found in the best dog food brand 2015. It shows too, in her bright clear eyes, lustrous and shiny fur and her friskiness. I honestly never thought I could love someone as much as I love myself but Pippa has proven me wrong. It took a dog to let me see it.

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