Country Music Then and Now – The Changes

country musicI just love how things were before, when things are simpler and seems much more fun and easy-as-you-please. The lifestyle is quite laid-back then, especially in the countryside, where one of the most awaited events was a local gathering for some square dancing in a bar or barn and local bands playing some foot-stampin’ country music. From that time, country music has grown and changed. I am not an authority but I do love different music genres. Let’s discuss some of the differences between country music in its early days and now.

Country music has come a long way. It has become mainstream, with a more pop-oriented feel. The music is upbeat, more people are listening to it and its acceptance and listenership is growing fast and steady. It has evolved into a new sound.

For a time, tuning in to a country music station will bring you the familiar voices of Jerry Reed, Hank Williams, Conway Twitty and Patsy Cline, whose songs have the traditional two-step beat. Today, what country music stations play have more beat, more vocals and use a variety of instruments.

During their time, these country singers all aim to be at the top of the Billboard Country Music chart. Today most country singers can be at the Country Music chart and also be in the other Billboard charts. Crossing genres is now the “in” thing. Patsy Cline was a huge country music star, but her success did not come close to the popularity of Taylor Swift. Loretta Lynn was another big country music legend, yet she had not achieved what Carrie Underwood has reached in her still very young career.

These two former college friends, one from Florida and one from Georgia, hence the name of the band, Florida Georgia Line, bring back old memories, when country music was sang mainly with guitars as accompaniment. The approach is modern yet the traditional beat is there. You can just imagine seeing people in an old fashioned club, more like a barn really, doing the square dance and having the time of their lives.

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