Starting a Gay-Friendly Restaurant in California 

California is one of the most progressive states in the US. In fact, it if were up to California alone, Clinton would have been president. It is also the state that boosted her lead to almost 3 million in popular votes and made Trump the winner with the biggest popular vote loss in the country’s history.

People in California are more tolerant especially when it comes to race, religion and sexuality. If you are gay in the US, you would want to live in this state. You can easily find gay themed bars, restaurants, hotels and spas all over the state.

This is also a good business pick up opportunity for you. Not only will you be starting a business that has a potential to rake lots of money, you also provide a safe space for the gay community. If you are planning to open a gay-friendly restaurant in California, it is definitely a great idea.

Freedom to express love

Make this a unique restaurant by opening it up to more gay people who wish to do proposals to their partners. You may also open up some private spaces as venues for gay weddings. You can even host parties every now and then.

In a world filled with hatred, this is the best way for you to send a message that in your restaurant, people are free to express their love for anyone.

Building the business

Of course, there’s a risk in opening up a gay-friendly restaurant. Even if California is a more tolerant state, it is still filled with people who may not be open with this idea. The first thing you need to do is to conduct a survey. Find out if your business will be feasible and if people are going to patronize your business if you decide to open it up soon.

You also need to make sure that the place is safe. Check all the details including the building plan. Follow all the laws in California in building structures and make sure that you get all the necessary permits. There should be a fire exit and enhanced security. Considering what happened in Pulse, Orlando last year, there should be a path for people to easily escape.

Most of all, there should be good plumbing like what they have at Sam Dunn plumbing. You don’t want people to leave your place just because you have not given enough attention on plumbing.

Advertise the place

Once everything is set, start promoting your restaurant. Make sure your closest friends know about the opening. Ask them to help spread the word. Even if this is a gay-friendly restaurant, make everyone know that it is open for all. Don’t forget to focus on your specialties. Even the gay community will not choose to eat in a restaurant simply because it is gay-friendly. They also don’t want to spend their money on dishes they won’t love. Hopefully, this endeavor turns out to be a huge success. Just have faith in your idea and do your best to keep the quality of your business on top.

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