The Beauty and Allure of SoCal

Los Angeles is one of the most bustling cities not only in the US but in the whole world as well. This is where you can walk in the streets and if you’re lucky you may just bump into your favorite celebrity. Celebrity sightings in Los Angeles has become much easier thanks to the swarm of paparazzi every time a celebrity is nearby. If you are a Los Angeles native you are familiar with this phenomenon that is paparazzi chasing – and sometimes harassing – Hollywood celebrities.

Love Wins

In 2008 the US Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage in the state of California and gay couples could not have been happier with the decision. Since then thousands of same sex couples have gotten married to legalize their unions and to build families of their own. For those who are still going to get married in the future, wedding bands are aplenty in jewelry stores in the Los Angeles area but there are also online stores that sell gorgeous rings like the wedding bands Adelaide available online. If you find the perfect pair online, you can have them delivered right to your doorstep hassle-free. Indeed, love wins in this part of the world, where people have become more accepting of same sex couples and gay people.

Tourist Attractions

If you are a tourist visiting Los Angeles, do not forget to visit tourist friendly places such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where you can shop to your heart’s content while looking at your favorite celebrities’ stars on the street. Make sure to have your photos taken with your favorite celebrities’ stars. Another one is the Universal Studios where you can visit sets of Hollywood movies and TV shows. But if you are more of the nature lover type, Griffith Park is perfect for you. You can have the best view of the city while hiking and even look at animals at LA Zoo. You can also unleash your inner child at Disneyland.


Los Angeles is also very fashion forward, what with the designer shops dotting the city where you can shop until you drop while sightseeing. Don’t be shocked to see weird outfits on the streets of Los Angeles; they are a regular fare in the city. People can freely express their fashion statements on the streets of Los Angeles and no one can take that away from Angelenos. It is one of the best things about LA.


Los Angeles is the entertainment center of the US. This is where Hollywood is located, nonetheless. You can find all sorts of entertainment in LA: movies and TV shows are made here, as well as concerts, awards shows and major sporting events. You will never run out of entertainment options while in SoCal.

There are a lot more that Los Angeles has to offer its tourists and locals alike, so make sure that when you are in the area to take in the sights and sounds and be amazed of the beauty and allure of this cool part of California.

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