How to Capture the Best Photos During A Rock Concert

10101-1t0viorncyWhen attending a concert, you definitely want to take lots of photos to mark the memories you have had during the event. When you are watching a rock band concert like Imagine Dragons, you definitely don’t want to miss anything. If you can just take a photo of every moment, you will. However, the problem with rock artists is that they tend to move a lot. If you have tried watching a rock concert before and you have taken lots of photos that are “useless” since you can’t see anything, then you know how painful it is. Thus, for the next concert, you definitely want to get it right. Here are some tips to capture the best photos on the next rock concert:

  • Try to analyze the performers and their movements. You can also watch their facial expressions, idiosyncrasies, and gestures. If you can watch their previous performances at home, you need to scan them over and over again. By then, you will know when they stop or what their best actions are. Thus, you can easily capture them during the actual concert. If they have crazy actions that you don’t want to miss out, you also need to know when they will possibly do it. By then, you will have the best timing.
  • Try to anticipate big moments. Obviously, there are rock bands that have signature moves. Some of them love breaking guitars. Others love going to the audience. There are also those who have crazy dance moves. If you know what will possibly happen, then you can have your camera ready by the time they are about to do those moves.
  • Don’t forget to be nice. No matter how desperate you are to get the best shots, don’t forget to observe politeness and courtesy to the person behind you or in front of you. You can also say excuse when you need to take a shot and they are obstructing the view.

If you know how to get the best picture for the concert, the next thing to do is to check out the Imagine Dragons tour dates 2015.

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Country Concert Season: Your Guide to Dressing Up

BlakeShelton-ac-600Country concert season is almost here. Whether you are excited to purchase Blake Shelton concert tickets 2015, or just eager for some Keith Urban or Taylor Swift in the upcoming months, it’s never too early to plan what you are going to wear on their concerts. Looking good and presenting yourself better is a very good gesture to salute their craft.

Those who want to adopt a more Southern vibe are sometimes clueless on how to dress the part. So we are here to guide you on what to wear without looking like a country music fan poser. Here are some rules you should follow to not look out of place:

The first rule in the book is that “You Can Never Get Wrong with Denim”. It’s always a safe bet and the only thing that will dictate you of the length is the weather. If you’re certain it’s going to be chilly, put on a pair of jeans. Otherwise, wear your trusty denim shorts instead, and be extra careful about wearing a miniskirt.

For your blouse, pick something plaid. Since it is summer, pick something in cotton and wear it open in the front with a white or solid colored tank showing. Roll up your sleeves to your elbows making sure that it’s not too crisp and neat-looking for that All-American feel. For those who don’t particularly like to wear plaid, pairing your denim pants or shorts with lace tops could also be an alternative.

Another rule is that you should rock some boots. Cowboy boots are the go-to shoes of those who want to rock that country chic look.  For those who do not wish to splurge, any brown boots would actually do. Hiking boots, riding boots or Frye boots would work just fine as long as they are brown and not black.

It also does not hurt to accessorize. Wear a cowboy hat to keep everything authentic. On the plus side, it makes anyone cooler. It’s impossible to greet everyone but attending a concert with your hat just says “Howdy y’all” to everyone.

Lastly, the more important thing is to not wear something with the artist’s name on it. It’s already given that you are a fan for attending the concert so stop with the redundancy. Also, it doesn’t make you cool.

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How to Prevent Hair Loss

woman-suffering-from-hair-lossThere are many causes of hair loss. Among these are nutritional deficiency, stress, poor diet, certain medications, pollution and genetics. Frequent wearing of bandanas, caps and ponytails also contribute to thinning of hair. A lot of men and women suffer from hair loss especially as they grow old. Fortunately, employing various methods can help prevent this problem.

  • Get a haircut from a reliable hair cutter. Most women treasure their long locks but the hair loses its body when it is too long. Also, when a woman has long hair, she tends to tie it up often with the use of garter, which, when removed, can pull strands off from the scalp.
  • Get enough sleep, eat well-balanced meals, and avoid stress. When the body is stressed and lacks nutrition, the hair also suffers.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb or soft hairbrush. Comb or brush your hair gently and do not force the bristles into tangled hair, as this will pull out a lot of strands.
  • Check your hair products. Try shampoo brands with aloe vera and other natural ingredients that are proven to be effective for hair growth.
  • Avoid excessive use of spray net, gel and other products with chemical base.
  • Let your hair dry naturally. Whenever you can, just let it air dry. Frequent use of hair dryer will loosen the hair follicles, causing hair fall.
  • Get hot oil treatment regularly. This procedure helps increase blood circulation on the scalp and treats damaged hair.

Stressful lifestyle

The hair is a woman’s crowning glory. It frames and cradles the face, making her look achieve a look that is uniquely her own. However with the stressful lifestyle these days, most women fail to take good care of their hair. They must take a break from their hectic daily schedule so they can rest their body systems. A trip somewhere can help promote total relaxation. Flying out of the state this summer to see Daniel Tosh June tour 2015 will help a lot in releasing stress. This may all sound irrelevant but when you have had too many bad hair days, you will realize the connection between stress and hair loss.

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The Sunday Click List

Here we are again for an edition of the Sunday Click List. In this edition, I would focus on websites that kept me preoccupied during the week. We all know that there is a point when the World Wide Web bores us to the core. Keeping a mental note of interesting sites would be our biggest weapon. So, in a completely random order, here they are:

The first site on this list is Oddee. For a list-lover like me, this site is just perfect. You won’t notice the time passing as you read on outrageous compilations of weird acts, funny things found in the internet, and many more unexpected things you aren’t so sure how people can come up with them.

Some sample articles from the site include the likes of “12 Coolest Google Street Finds”, “8 Creepy Spy Radio Transmissions”, and “10 Controversial Stories of Transgender Kids”. If you think those are weird enough, head on to the site to get some idea on how odd the world really is.

While the first one on this list has some sort of a shock factor in it, the second one mirrors how much of a fan girl I am. MusoTickets’ site has got me browsing to know more about the new Justin Moore album and his tour dates. The site provides a comprehensive info on my favorite singer and lets me know when he’s around town.

Another site on my click list is Mental Floss. This site is pretty informative and is a place “where knowledge junkies get their fix”.  They present facts and trivia in a humorous way like these headlines for example: “10 facts about the ten”, “Using Your Headphones as a Mic”, and “Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?” They site is subdivided to amazing facts, knowledge feed, lists, big questions and even quizzes to surely whet your appetite to learn.

The last site on my list is 1000 Awesome Things. This is a site that encourages people to embrace the simple things in life because they can really make us happy like nothing else can. Some samples include the very obvious “popping of bubble wrap”, “morning stretches accompanied by weird noises”, and “laughing so hard you start crying”. If those things made you smile, you definitely need to get on the site.


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The Latest in Entertainment

The entertainment world is always abuzz with unfolding news from your favorite celebrities and personalities. Read on for some updates and schedules of events happening around California.

SUSPECTS ON MILEY CYRUS’ HOME BURGLARY ARRESTED miley-cyrus-hairstyle-hd-wallpaper

The Los Angeles Police Department apprehended two persons suspected of burglary and grand theft auto. This is in connection with a burglary which happened at the home of Miley Cyrus.  Jewelry and a 2014 Maserati went missing from the singer’s home after thieves broke in through the fence of her San Fernando Valley home last May 30. Miley’s Maserati was immediately recovered after it was ditched the same night of the incident. Her missing jewelry however, still needs to be found.

Both in their 20’s, the two suspects were picked up from a surveillance video and was arrested near Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, located near Lankershim and Magnolia Blvds. on June 5 at around 11 A.M.

Cyrus is currently away for her Bangerz music tour. It was her assistant who noticed the break-in after realizing that items were missing from the singer’s home. She immediately notified the LAPD.


Southern Californian Residents have a fun-filled summer to look forward to. Various concerts and festivals have been scheduled all over the region’s iconic outdoor sites. Expect music of all genres to be performed. Superstars and local budding artists will be performing as well.

Set to perform at the Greek Theater are,, and Taboo (Black Eyed Peas), The Fray, Sarah McLachlan, Jagged Edge, Daughtry, STYX, Chicago, Chris Young.

Greek Theater is tree-enclosed. It’s surrounded by Griffith Park Canyon, it can accommodate up to 5,900 guests. Call for performance schedules.

Hollywood Bowl is a famous outdoor venue, the amphitheater is known for its excellent acoustics. To perform are: Billy Joel, Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars, “Bernstein & Gershwin” with the Los Angeles Philharmonics, James Taylor, Gloria Estefan, John Williams, Seth McFarlane, and others.  Ticket prices are affordable, call site for further info; and don’t forget to bring your cushion and binoculars!


Be assured of quality movies everytime!  With FFF, satisfactory movie watching is guaranteed. Award-winning and top rated movies are featured; all of which have performed at festivals worldwide. The monthly theatrical events offer VIP passes, a Q&A portion with filmmakers and other avid moviegoers. Goers experience the red carpet and after party event with Film Festival Flix. Should any goer leave unsatisfied with the film watched, an instant credit is issued with no questions asked. The person may use this credit for the next film he or she intends to watch. Film Festival Flix is powered by MouseTrap Films (Los Angeles based).

June features the 2013 movie “Magpie” (2013). The plot revolves around estranged parents coping with a child’s death.  Marc Price wrote and directed the movie. Ticket goes for $14. Watch on the 12th at the following sites: 6 P.M. red carpet and reception at Michael Roud Photography, 11223 Magnolia Blvd.; 7:30 P.M. screening at Laemmle NoHo 7, 5240 Lankershim Blvd.; 9 P.M.  Q&A with Marc Price, and a 9:20 P.M. after party.


The 20th Annual Los Angeles Film Festival is set from June 12 to June 19. Documentaries, various features, shorts, and music videos will be viewed. Tickets are at a $13 minimum; all access passes are at a $250 minimum. Most will be shown at Regal Cinemas LA Live Stadium 14. Check website for more info.


Serenata Filipina is scheduled to do an Original Pilipino Music (OPM) concert this August. Tickets for the Ford Amphitheatre event is at $5 off until August 10. Regular free seating prices are at $32, $42, $52, and &15 for children. VIP seats sell at $75. Call Ford Theater at (323) 461-3673. Among list of performers are: Mon David, Harana Men’s Chorus, Louise Marie Cornillez, Lara Avengoza, and Annie Nepomuceno.


Well-known celebrities gathered on June 5 to salute Jane Fonda as she accepted the 42nd Life Achievement Award handed by AFI at Dolby Theater, Hollywood. Guests present at the private ceremony were: Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, Meryl Streep, Sally Field, Melanie Griffith, Marcia Gay Harden, Chelsea Handler, Rosario Dawson, Anne Sweeney, and others.

Jane is admired for her political activism and for passionately speaking out for gender equality. Diaz spoke about her being an example of ‘navigating a career in Hollywood’. Bullock said she lives the life ‘so many of us dream of’. Streep considers her as a ‘big sister’.

Peter Fonda, her brother, was present for the awarding. He was teary eyed during the ceremony as he talked about how hardworking Jane is. Jane’s son, Troy Garity, also spoke during the event, congratulating his mom for succeeding in everything she endeavored to do.

Michael Douglas did the honor of presenting her with the award. Other past AFI Awardees were Mel Brooks, Morgan Freeman, Barbara Streisand, Bette Davis, and Jane and Peter’s own father, Henry Fonda. Jane wore a black and white Vera Wang gown. To the attendees, she left this tip: “Stay curious and stay interested”.

PARIS HILTON IS NOW A SERIOUS ENTREPRENEUR article-0-1DD157A400000578-310_634x635

Paris is really upping her business endeavors, with over 45 stores in more than forty countries, Variety really did right in naming her as 2011’s ‘Billion Dollar Entrepreneur’. Her fragrance line is nearing $2 billion.

Paris says her grandfather and great grandfather was a huge inspiration to her. Early on she dreamed of making it on her own and not have to depend on trust fund money to live. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Paris made reference to the Hilton blood. She said, “Hard work and entrepreneurial drive is in the Hilton blood. We’re determined to do big things.”

Paris also considers people who work for her. She mentioned that she is driven to work not only for personal success but also for the sake of people who work for her, who depend on her for salary. She says, “It’s not just about me. There are other people whose jobs depend on my getting to work.”

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Fashion For My Dog

DOGS fashion show - modelsMy pooch Pippa is a cute little Chihuahua, a birthday gift from my dad last year. As soon as she was old enough, I began dressing her up when we go out, which is every day for her walk and on special occasions, to a party or a dog show. Choosing which dresses and tees I buy for her takes up as much time as when I’m buying for myself. And does she know it! I catch Pippa preening in the mirror when she’s garbed in stylish dresses and shoes, like the apricot tutu harness dress and the fur lined ecru dog boots. For this vain pup, a treat is not a savory dog bone biscuit but a new pair of shoes or a body hugging tee.

When Pippa came, I brushed up on dog grooming and feeding since she was the first dog that was really mine, and I kind of thought of her as my baby. I came upon Play Safe Dogs and it was a huge help especially since I thought that Pippa could eat anything that I liked too. Chocolates, guacamole and ice cream and a sip of cappuccino are definite no-no’s for dogs.

Pippa has quite a collection of tees, dresses, sweaters and coats for chilly weather, and footwear, ID tags and collars to match. For our daily walk, I dress her up in colorful or printed t-shirts and dog paws to protect her feet. When the weather’s cold, she has to put on a sweater and booties for warmth. Pippa always has ID tags on; I can’t risk her wandering away and getting lost. Sometimes, depending on my mood, I match her garb with what I’m wearing. For parties and occasions that require dressing up, she has flouncy dresses and even some high heeled shoes, although I carry her because high heels are as bad for dogs as they are for humans.

And before you think I only care about my pet pooch’s appearance, I take care of her health too. Her diet consists of the right amount of carbs, protein, vitamins and supplements that is found in the best dog food brand 2015. It shows too, in her bright clear eyes, lustrous and shiny fur and her friskiness. I honestly never thought I could love someone as much as I love myself but Pippa has proven me wrong. It took a dog to let me see it.

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How to Get Good Seats When Buying Concert Tickets Online

You’ve been waiting for your favorite band to come to a venue near you so you can watch their show. That day has finally arrived. You received advanced notice from your trusted source. Now you need to secure the best seat in the house. You do not relish the long line outside the ticket outlet so you want to buy your ticket online. Here are tips on how you can get the best seat to fully enjoy the concert.

Online pre-selling

If the concert venue has a capacity to hold a few thousand concertgoers, it is usual for the promoter to hold presales online, which give people a chance to buy their tickets early. Normally the public sales starts on Saturday at 10 am, so the schedule for online pre-selling is usually done on Wednesday or Thursday until Friday. Stay tuned to the announcement and buy your ticket the instant the presale starts.

Getting the pre-sale passwords

It is almost standard that online presales need a password. Know that there are entities involved in the show that could give you the password. Check out the radio station that is sponsoring the event, the band’s official website, and other concert sponsor sites such as a credit card company. Try visiting the forum or message boards created by fans and see what information they have. These are better alternative sites to visit than the official band website as more information is available. You can also try using the concert name, the band’s current album or current hit single as the password. It usually works.

Try the public on-sale

If you miss out on the pre-sale, be early for the public on-sale. Get online about 10 to 15 minutes early, create an account so you can already provide the required information. There is usually a venue floor plan. Study it well and check out which section is the best for you. It is better to buy your ticket online to avoid the crowd.

Get the best seat in the house when you want to catch one of Bruno Mars concerts. Follow the tips above and prepare yourself for a great time.

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Country Music Then and Now – The Changes

country musicI just love how things were before, when things are simpler and seems much more fun and easy-as-you-please. The lifestyle is quite laid-back then, especially in the countryside, where one of the most awaited events was a local gathering for some square dancing in a bar or barn and local bands playing some foot-stampin’ country music. From that time, country music has grown and changed. I am not an authority but I do love different music genres. Let’s discuss some of the differences between country music in its early days and now.

Country music has come a long way. It has become mainstream, with a more pop-oriented feel. The music is upbeat, more people are listening to it and its acceptance and listenership is growing fast and steady. It has evolved into a new sound.

For a time, tuning in to a country music station will bring you the familiar voices of Jerry Reed, Hank Williams, Conway Twitty and Patsy Cline, whose songs have the traditional two-step beat. Today, what country music stations play have more beat, more vocals and use a variety of instruments.

During their time, these country singers all aim to be at the top of the Billboard Country Music chart. Today most country singers can be at the Country Music chart and also be in the other Billboard charts. Crossing genres is now the “in” thing. Patsy Cline was a huge country music star, but her success did not come close to the popularity of Taylor Swift. Loretta Lynn was another big country music legend, yet she had not achieved what Carrie Underwood has reached in her still very young career.

These two former college friends, one from Florida and one from Georgia, hence the name of the band, Florida Georgia Line, bring back old memories, when country music was sang mainly with guitars as accompaniment. The approach is modern yet the traditional beat is there. You can just imagine seeing people in an old fashioned club, more like a barn really, doing the square dance and having the time of their lives.

Do not miss out on watching these two fabulous singers – Brian Kelly and Tyler Hubbard, whose brand of country music take you back to the good ol’ days. Check out the Check out the Florida Georgia Line concert dates Canada and book your concert tickets right away.

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